"Just as Fresh as When Caught"

Tsushima is a beautiful island surrounded by a ria coastlines. It is a fishing Island known for its rich nutrients flowing from rivers to the sea, which support the catch of many renowned fish species. Fishing is the industry of the people here.

Tsushima is a unique island in Japan as it does not have a central fish market. Both local Tsushima fishing boats and Korean Anago (conger eel) fishing boats can unload their catch directly at Tsushima's ports without going through a market. This allows us to secure a large number of premium Anago from the Tsushima Current.

The live Anago unloaded at the ports are considered premium Aago. Instead of being sold as fresh fish, they are kept alive in tanks to spit out mud and bait. They are then transported by live fish trucks to Toyosu, where they are placed in market tanks and auctioned.

While the live fish maintain high freshness, the process can take several days from unloading to auction. During this time, the fish experience stress, which can lead to a decline in their fat content.

At TSUSHIMA SUISAN, we employ a rapid freezing method called "Tomin" to freeze the freshly caught fish on site. This process ensures remarkable freshness and optimal fat content, allowing the fish to be enjoyed as sashimi even after thawing. There is also no risk of Anisakis parasites.

The Anago, known for its high freshness, rich fat content, and thick meat, is delicious even when simply grilled with no fishy odor. It can be enjoyed with just wasabi and salt. Its thick meat makes it an excellent choice for sushi as well. It has a dedicated followership and a very high repeat purchase rate.

For overseas exports, we can utilize not only air chilled shipping but also frozen sea freight, depending on the country, significantly reducing costs. Fresh fish often have short shelf lives, leading to higher waste and increased costs, but frozen Anago solves this problem.

We aim to deliver Tsushima's premium brand Anago to restaurants around the world, meeting various stringent international factory certifications.

Certified by EU-HACCP, US-HACCP, HALAL, FDA, Vietnamese facility certification, Saudi Arabian facility certification, and Indonesian facility certification.